Father’s Day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to order something special for your dad. This year, make sure you gift him something he will actually cherish and end up using for a long time, instead of storing it in his cabinet forever. We’ve handpicked some products you could buy for your father this year. Some of these would be highly useful while others would end up making his life a lot easier and productive. Here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day 2018.

Rollr Mini
If your dad drives his own car he would appreciate a device like the Rollr Mini this Father’s Day. While we all love to drive around, the most irritating thing is when the car breaks down and you have no idea why. Even more annoying is to park a car somewhere and then have trouble remembering where you parked it in the first place. All these little problems can be solved with something like the Rollr Mini. It’s a simple-to-install, tiny device that’s compatible with a majority of cars out there. Installation is a one-time process and it offers a number of features like tracking a car’s location, diagnostics, fuel level, battery health, and more. It comes with a pre-installed SIM car with free data subscription for the first year.

Amazon Echo
No one truly appreciates the value of a smart speaker until they start using one. You may need to convince your dad a little bit, in the end, it’ll be worth it. Amazon Echo can become a great speaker and a virtual assistant for your father. Just make sure you install the right skills that will be useful for him and let him spend some time with it. It’ll be a rather interesting learning curve but once he gets a hang of it, he might not switch back to a conventional speaker. Amazon is currently selling the Echo at a discounted price, and if you buy a pair of them you get an additional Rs. 1,000 off.

Price: Rs. 8,999 | Where to buy: Amazon

Google Home
If you, and your family, are already invested in the Google ecosystem, the Google Home can be a decent alternative to the Amazon Echo. If you look at the functionality, there’s not much of a difference between the two. However, Google Home comes with deeper integration with existing Google products and services. Some of the most common use cases including listening to music, controlling smart home equipment, and more.

Price: Rs. 8,999 | Where to buy: Flipkart


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